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Building Maintenance

Do you have roof leaks, Weather damage, or accidental building damage?

We can help!


 A cost effective way for your company to maintain buildings before costly repairs can add up.


Put our years of experience to work for you with the MMBS building preventative maintenance plan. Our knowledgeable employees at MMBS are well equipped to guide and assist you in maintaining any buildings appearance and performance at a high quality standard. At MMBS we will provide a thorough inspection in order to assist you in building a plan to maintain your building by prioritizing problem areas and fixing any developing issues; saving you from what could amount to costly repairs in the future. Inspections are billed at a flat rate. Rates can be locked in with a contract for up to 5years. The rates are based on the square footage of your building. If there are multiple buildings in need of inspection located on the same parcel the combined square footage will be used to determine the rate. Please contact MMBS about rates and to schedule your building inspection at (616)-896-1700

Have sliding snow and ice? We install Ice and Snow guard systems

Contact Our Preventative Maintenance Team with any questions about your building at (616) 896-1700

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